The Process

All libraries should be doing strategic planning, but many libraries cannot afford to hire a consultant to facilitate this very important process. Library Strategies developed Rapid Results Planning® to be a comprehensive, stakeholder-driven process that produces great results.  To make Rapid Results Planning available to more libraries, Library Strategies developed a train-the-trainer program to teach other consultants how to use this tool effectively. Rapid Results Planning Training is appropriate for state libraries, regional library systems, and other organizations that support multiple libraries (of all types).

Library Strategies conducts a two-day training that takes participants from the basics of strategic planning concepts to designing the planning process to drafting the strategic plan.

The Rapid Results Planning Training program includes:

  • Pre-Planning and Recruiting the Planning Team
  • Data Gathering
  • The Rapid Results Planning Retreat
  • Creating the Strategic Plan
  • Implementation Planning

At the conclusion of the training, consultants will have the knowledge, skills (and a manual) to help them conduct effective strategic planning processes.

The Players

The players who engage in Rapid Results Planning Training can include state library staff or consultants, or regional library staff or trainers. The training is conducted by Library Strategies consultants who have led dozens of Rapid Results Planning process for libraries across the country.

The Timeline

Planning for the training and conducting the two-day program can generally be completed in 6 weeks to 2 months.

The Outcome

Staff, or consultants, who have been thoroughly trained in conducting an extremely successful, comprehensive strategic planning process.

Case Studies


Georgia Public Library Service

The Challenge

The state library office in Georgia recognized the need for public libraries across the state to perform strategic planning to more effectively serve residents and deal with their ever-changing internal and external environments. Yet, the office did not have the resources to offer the training for free and there was a recognition that many of the libraries, especially the smaller, more rural libraries, did not have the resources to hire strategic planning consultants or other outside assistance.

The Approach

Library Strategies was hired to provide a two-day training and follow-up support to a cohort of 15 to 20 librarians and state library staff on Library Strategies’ Rapid Results Planning (RRP) process. Rapid Results was chosen because it is an expedited, relatively low-cost, yet highly effective strategic planning process, with a focus on community needs. The intensive training, conducted by three principal Library Strategies consultants, included a written handbook and guide to the planning process, as well as a fun and engaging half-day mock community retreat.

The Outcome

As a result of the training, a cohort of lead strategic planners is now in place across Georgia, and each is committed to leading an RRP planning process for one of their neighboring public libraries. To date, numerous RRP processes have been conducted with successful, community-oriented plans put in place for primarily smaller and more rural libraries across the state. By “training the trainer” and then having each person commit to sharing their expertise with a fellow library, the RRP training helped make meaningful strategic planning processes attainable for public libraries across Georgia.

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