The Process

One of the most critical tasks an organization may tackle is finding new leadership. The process of finding a new library director, system director, or foundation executive director, is done through an Executive Search.

Library Strategies helps libraries, library systems, and foundations by conducting a thorough process that begins by eliciting critical information about the organization’s leadership needs and ends with the hiring of a new executive.

The search process has four distinct phases:

  • Gathering Input
  • Recruiting Candidates
  • Vetting Candidates
  • Hiring the Right Candidate

A successful executive search requires skill, understanding, insight, and intuition. Underlying Library Strategies’ process is strong communication, confidentiality, and trust.

The Players

The players who partner in an executive search are Library Strategies consultants and a Search Committee. The Search Committee is traditionally appointed by the board and is comprised of members of the board and staff and may include other key stakeholders.

The Timeline

An executive search generally takes place over four to six months.

The Outcome

The final outcome of the executive search is a successful candidate thoroughly vetted and ultimately chosen by the Board.

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