Strategic Planning for the Folks Who Raise the Money

Friends and foundations need a plan as much as the library does. All too often, however, these organizations operate from year to year with no direction or plan in place. So, it’s time to think [...]

Six Great Ideas for Library Partnerships

Partnerships have great potential to expand your library’s capacity to offer more, reach broader audiences, and leverage your resources. As libraries continually seek new ways to stretch their [...]

Webinar Series: The Importance of Planning

This free webinar series “The Importance of Planning” shows you just how important it is for Libraries and support organizations to prepare for their future. The series includes Library [...]

10 Tips to Plan for an Uncertain Future

The one thing that is certain in our future is change. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future, but here are 10 ways that your library or organization can more effectively deal with the change [...]

When Is a Strategic Plan Not a Strategic Plan?

Answer:  When it’s a development plan. So then what is a development plan? A development plan is the plan that addresses how you fund your library beyond its operating budget. Library support [...]

Planning Can Be Deadly: Keep It Light and Quick

Strategic planning is a fundamental tool to moving your library or support organization forward. This is truer than ever, as libraries face so many community and technology changes and choices. [...]

10 Signs It’s Time for a New Strategic Plan

How do you know it is time for a new strategic plan? Well – duh – the obvious answer is that your old plan is coming to an end, and you need a new plan. But what if your library, Friends or [...]

Paying for Strategic Plan Ticket Items

In the past two years, Library Strategies has seen a huge increase in clients who come to us with a request to help them create a development plan for their Foundation or Friends group. This [...]

Need a New Strategic Plan?

Rapid Results Planning™ is Affordable, Fast and Effective There’s no place in today’s busy library world for strategic planning processes with huge investments of time and money, resulting in [...]