We’ll be at PLA, Let’s Chat!

If you’re attending PLA this month, make sure to let us know! Library Strategies Director, Stu Wilson, and Principal Consultant, Peter Pearson, will be attending this year’s conference in [...]

Supervising & Motivating an Intergenerational Library Workforce

A popular managerial maxim holds that “managing things is easy – managing people is the challenge” (Evans & Alire). This may be more true now than ever before. Recent demographic shifts have [...]

What Makes a Good Friends Group?

Over the years since Library Strategies was created, we’ve worked with dozens of Friends groups across the country. Some were led by board members who’d been serving as volunteers for as many as [...]

Three Things Every New Library Director Should Consider

1) Library-Community Relationship? How does the library fit into the community—and can it fit better? Forget about the budget and the facility for a moment. Consider instead what the foremost [...]

Trends Shaping Today’s Libraries (Part 3)

(Read our Part 1 of our Library Trends Series!) (Read our Part 2 of our Library Trends Series!) ——— Anyone who frequents libraries knows that physical collections are not static [...]

Following-up On Your Grant Proposal

“Congratulations, you have been awarded a grant!” This is wonderful news and well worth celebrating, but don’t forget to: Call and say “thank you.” This should be done by your fundraising [...]

Webinar Series: The Importance of Planning

This free webinar series “The Importance of Planning” shows you just how important it is for Libraries and support organizations to prepare for their future. The series includes Library [...]

6 Components of a Grant Proposal

Most grant proposals can be broken down into the following sections: 1) Organization information. This can be up to one page in which you brag about your organization. Everyone has an idea of [...]

10 Tips to Plan for an Uncertain Future

The one thing that is certain in our future is change. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future, but here are 10 ways that your library or organization can more effectively deal with the change [...]

Marketing vs. Public Relations

Many people use the terms marketing and public relations interchangeably, assuming they mean the same thing. They do not, although they do have some important aspects in common. Both build a [...]