3 Keys to a Developed Board

All library affiliated boards need to grow and develop on an annual basis. As individual members and as a group, they need regular training, review of policies and responsibilities, and [...]

Boards are People, Too

Too often we think of our boards – Library, Friends, Foundation, and others – as units that operate as a whole. Yet we all know that boards are made up of diverse individuals with unique [...]

Four Types of Board Members – And Why You Should Recruit Each

When a Friends or Foundation board looks for new directors, it can be tempting to prioritize deep pockets over all else. It’s an understandable impulse. After all, fundraising is a major part of [...]

Does Board Size Matter?

Through our work, we see many different sizes of Boards of Directors for Library Friends and Foundations. Many people ask us if it really matters how big a Board is. We also frequently hear that [...]

Professional Development for Your Board(s)

Public libraries often have a number of boards, including a Library Board, as well as a Foundation or Friends Board.  As professional bodies that can affect the performance of your library, it is [...]

Building a Better Board Through Professional Development

Professional development is not just for library staff. Library, foundation, and Friends boards also should engage in regular, annual professional development activities. Some key professional [...]

8 Fundamental Principles for Your Board

Most public libraries today are connected to multiple boards, including library, foundation, and Friends boards, as well as city councils, county commissions or something comparable. In general, [...]

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

Public libraries are among the few institutions that have not one, but two different organizations to help support them: Friends of Libraries and library foundations. It would seem that these two [...]

9 Friends Group Best Practices

Library Friends groups have been around for over 100 years. There are great Friends groups that provide terrific support for their libraries – from volunteers who help with library events to [...]

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Library’s operate under many structures and with many boards, including governing library boards, Friends and foundation boards, advisory library boards, and municipal boards or councils. In [...]