Following-up On Your Grant Proposal

“Congratulations, you have been awarded a grant!” This is wonderful news and well worth celebrating, but don’t forget to: Call and say “thank you.” This should be done by your fundraising [...]

A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship opportunities and benefits differ greatly depending on the size and cost of the event, but there should be an incentive for any business to sponsor your event at some level. [...]

6 Components of a Grant Proposal

Most grant proposals can be broken down into the following sections: 1) Organization information. This can be up to one page in which you brag about your organization. Everyone has an idea of [...]

Marketing vs. Public Relations

Many people use the terms marketing and public relations interchangeably, assuming they mean the same thing. They do not, although they do have some important aspects in common. Both build a [...]

Ten Ways Consultants Can Help You

Sometimes it really does take money to make money. You may not need a professional’s advice for a book sale, annual fund, or a small fundraising project, but some kinds of fundraising activities [...]

Writing an Effective Solicitation Letter

The solicitation letter may be one of the oldest fundraising strategies out there, and although it is true that there are many other, more modern efforts, the solicitation letter is still around [...]

Is a Membership Program Right for You?

Many libraries and fundraising organizations are faced with this question, and the answer isn’t easy, especially if you are also conducting an annual fund or other kind of campaign. Why run a [...]

10 Great Ways to Thank and Nurture Your Donors

With year-end fundraising wrapped up, it’s time to thank your donors for supporting your library, Friends, and foundation. Although December may be your busiest fundraising month, these ten tips [...]

12 Must-Know Facts about Library Fundraising

From Beyond Book Sales Effective fundraising is about relationships first, money second A clear case for support and strong, consistent messages are crucial To value the library is not enough [...]

Beyond Book Sales

Whether your library undertakes only occasional fundraising projects or is well along in this effort and wants to become more successful, Beyond Book Sales: The Complete Guide to Raising Real [...]