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Our blog is full of helpful hints, friendly advice, and useful articles as well as library news and current Library Strategies’ projects. With this blog we aim to strengthen libraries by providing information that any library, foundation, or Friends organization can act on. We hope you enjoy these posts, and if you would like to see us write on any topics in particular, please let us know.

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We’ll be at PLA, Let’s Chat!

If you’re attending PLA this month, make sure to let us know! Library Strategies Director, Stu Wilson, and Principal Consultant, Peter Pearson, will be attending this year’s [...]

Introducing Beth Burns & Stu Wilson

Greetings! I am writing today to both introduce myself and share some great news about a colleague well known to many of you, Stu Wilson. I recently celebrated my one-year [...]

Our Newest Consultants

With the new year, we are excited to announce two new additions to our roster of experienced consultants. This year Sally Gardner Reed and Christine Watkins will officially [...]

Four Types of Board Members – And Why You Should Recruit Each

When a Friends or Foundation board looks for new directors, it can be tempting to prioritize deep pockets over all else. It’s an understandable impulse. After all, fundraising [...]

Strategic Planning for the Folks Who Raise the Money

Friends and foundations need a plan as much as the library does. All too often, however, these organizations operate from year to year with no direction or plan in place. So, [...]

Webinar Series: The Importance of Planning

This free webinar series “The Importance of Planning” shows you just how important it is for Libraries and support organizations to prepare for their future. The series [...]

7 Unconventional Library Fundraisers That Worked (And May Work for You)

While there is no good substitute for fundraising fundamentals – such as a strong end-of-year annual appeal – a little outside-the-box thinking can do a lot to stoke donations [...]

Would You Date Your Library?

At Library Strategies we are fortunate to have visited hundreds of libraries. Whether it is a strategic planning project or training or a capital campaign, we’ve learned that [...]

Announcing Our New President!

We want to share with you that Peter Pearson, co-founder of Library Strategies and President of The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library, is preparing to retire at the end [...]

When Is a Strategic Plan Not a Strategic Plan?

Answer:  When it’s a development plan. So then what is a development plan? A development plan is the plan that addresses how you fund your library beyond its operating budget. [...]

Three BIG Fundraising Words

Securing donations for your library or support organization is not always easy, and for some, it’s not always fun. There are plenty of ways in which successful fundraising is [...]

9 Friends Group Best Practices

Library Friends groups have been around for over 100 years. There are great Friends groups that provide terrific support for their libraries – from volunteers who help with [...]

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Library’s operate under many structures and with many boards, including governing library boards, Friends and foundation boards, advisory library boards, and municipal boards [...]

15 Tips for Writing a Great RFP

Naturally, we see a lot of RFPs (Request for Proposals) come through our doors each week. Unfortunately, most RFP’s are anything but straightforward and are often complicated [...]

Finding the Right Consultant

Hiring a good consultant isn’t exactly like hiring a new employee but there are a lot of similarities.  You want an individual (or a firm) that has the right skill set, [...]

Special Events: A Brave Idea

It is probably safe to say that libraries, Friends, and foundations around the country all have one question in common: How do we raise money for our local library? Well it’s [...]

MN Statewide One-Book Program

This year Minnesota proudly joined the ranks of Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Michigan with it’s creation of a children’s statewide one-book program called Once Upon a Reader. [...]

Meet Melissa Brechon

Melissa comes to Library Strategies with over 8 years of experience as a library consultant and over 25 years experience as a librarian and public library administrator. She [...]

A Partner That Makes It Possible

Library Strategies is proud to partner with the architectural firm of Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. (MS&R), based in Minneapolis, in helping libraries build and [...]

Meet Penny Hummel

The 2013-14 president of the Oregon Library Association, library consultant Penny Hummel has twelve years of management experience in public libraries both large and small, as [...]

Meet Karen Rose

Business Development Coordinator and Lead Consultant Karen comes to Library Strategies with over 15 years of experience as a fundraising and strategic planning professional. [...]

Direct Mail to Boost Donor Base

How many times have you thought about doing a direct mail campaign, and winced when looking at the quote? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. Library Strategies has formed [...]

Meet Stu Wilson

Stu Wilson is the Project Coordinator and a lead consultant for Library Strategies. Previously, Stu served as the Executive Director of The Friends of the Hennepin County [...]

Back From Exotic Moldova

Peter Pearson and Sue Hall just returned from a week in Moldova where they began their work with Moldovan libraries. IREX-Moldova (funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates [...]

Meet Sue Hall

Sue Hall is the Director of Library Strategies and lead consultant. Sue was one of the creators of the consulting group, which has grown at a terrific rate since it was [...]

Beyond Book Sales

Whether your library undertakes only occasional fundraising projects or is well along in this effort and wants to become more successful, Beyond Book Sales: The Complete Guide [...]

Meet Peter Pearson

Peter Pearson is the co-founder and lead consultant with Library Strategies, and has been President of The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library for over 20 years. Peter is [...]

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