We’ll be at PLA, Let’s Chat!

If you’re attending PLA this month, make sure to let us know! Library Strategies Director, Stu Wilson, and Principal Consultant, Peter Pearson, will be attending this year’s conference in [...]

Facets of Diversity: Inclusion as an Asset

Diversity is a major issue today for our country, communities and, of course our libraries.  As our service areas are changing and growing, inclusion of individuals from our various communities [...]

5 Simple Ways to Connect Your Boards

Most libraries have multiple boards. To be sure, the governing or funding boards are the most important as they determine the operations and future of the library, but support boards, such as the [...]

An IDEA for Building Board Diversity

For today’s libraries, addressing diversity and inclusion is more important than ever.  Representation of the cross-section of our communities is important throughout our organizations, including [...]

Introducing Beth Burns & Stu Wilson

Greetings! I am writing today to both introduce myself and share some great news about a colleague well known to many of you, Stu Wilson. I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary as [...]

3 Keys to a Developed Board

All library affiliated boards need to grow and develop on an annual basis. As individual members and as a group, they need regular training, review of policies and responsibilities, and [...]

Our Newest Consultants

With the new year, we are excited to announce two new additions to our roster of experienced consultants. This year Sally Gardner Reed and Christine Watkins will officially join our team. Library [...]

Boards are People, Too

Too often we think of our boards – Library, Friends, Foundation, and others – as units that operate as a whole. Yet we all know that boards are made up of diverse individuals with unique [...]

Introducing Library Strategies’ New Director

It is bittersweet that we announce Sue Hall will be retiring as Director of Library Strategies at the end of the month. We are excited for Sue and the new journeys that lie ahead, but will miss [...]

10 Quick Tips for Growing Your Friends & Foundation

1. Diversify activities beyond book sales, into such area as special events, advocacy, PR, etc. 2. Get social – hold “friend-raising” events for different targeted age groups (i.e., the local [...]