Strategic Planning

The academic library service model is evolving. Effective strategic planning begins with ensuring alignment of the library’s planning priorities with broader institutional goals and the needs of your library users.

Using Library Strategies’ unique stakeholder engagement process, Rapid Results Planning®, and other tools (including benchmarking and mission review), our consultants will design and facilitate a strategic planning process tailored to your library. This process can also include plan generation, assessment, and development of a multi-phased operational plan for your library’s staff.


Organizational Assessment & Development

The work of the academic library impacts student learning and institutional performance. The library should be prepared to demonstrate its value in compelling ways.

Library Strategies consultants will conduct an in-depth assessment of your library based on best practices in academic library performance. This assessment will include:

  • Identifying value in new ways
  • Establishing methods and metrics to measure value
  • Assessing the organizational “climate and culture”
  • Creating strategies for demonstrating your library’s value to all stakeholders
  • Recommendations for documenting and attaining your library’s performance goals

Library Strategies consultants can also work with your library to assist in the implementation of recommendations and transition plans to strengthen your library’s capacity – as well as help to create an open, change-driven organizational culture.


Executive Search

There has never been a more critical time for academic libraries to have the right leaders guiding their institutions.  Recruiting leaders with a wide portfolio of skills and key attributes is essential in today’s rapidly changing academic library environment.

Library Strategies consultants will conduct an effective, personalized process to: identify your library’s leadership needs; recruit and vet candidates through an innovative, networked outreach strategy; and work with a Search Committee to hire the very best leader for your library.


Space Planning

Physical space reflects the expanding mission of the academic library and places the library at the center of the academic experience. As needs for the library change, space is redefined to accommodate a range of learning styles, curriculum integration, and discovery.

Library Strategies will design a hands-on, stakeholder driven process for assessing your library’s current (and planned) spaces and working with you – and your architect – to ensure that your library’s priorities are fully reflected in the building program and subsequent design phases.

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