A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship opportunities and benefits differ greatly depending on the size and cost of the event, but there should be an incentive for any business to sponsor your event at some level. [...]

7 Unconventional Library Fundraisers That Worked (And May Work for You)

While there is no good substitute for fundraising fundamentals – such as a strong end-of-year annual appeal – a little outside-the-box thinking can do a lot to stoke donations and pad your [...]

The Law of 80/20 and Capital Campaigns

The Pareto Principle, or the law of 80/20, seems to apply to many things in our lives – from Pareto’s original observation of wealth distribution to a wide range of phenomenon revealing [...]

6 Components of a Grant Proposal

Most grant proposals can be broken down into the following sections: 1) Organization information. This can be up to one page in which you brag about your organization. Everyone has an idea of [...]