7 Habits of Highly Effective Campaign Chairs

No matter how compelling your mission or case statement, the success or failure of a capital campaign largely rests with the effectiveness of your campaign leadership. A campaign chair or chairs, [...]

Planning: The Key to Capacity Building

Often we talk about building capacity, but what exactly does that mean? At Library Strategies, we look at capacity building as creating skills, tools, resources, and structures that allow your [...]

15 Tips for Writing a Great RFP

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Limit Your Board Not Your Org

Determining Board term limits for your fundraising organization can be tough, and you may find yourself asking questions to which you do not have the answer. How long should term limits be for [...]

Are You Ready to Fundraise for a Capital Campaign?

Fortunately, many libraries today are looking at constructing new buildings or undergoing significant renovations. In many cases, the new or renovated buildings are funded by public dollars. [...]